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The Facts About Counseling

Choosing a Counselor is much the same as choosing a health care provider. Both have extensive education and experience before they are allowed to practice in the general population.

A professional counselor, much like your physician, accepts medical insurance. Many insurance companies, recognizing the need and benefits of a professional counselor, will only charge the same co-pay as they would if you were to visit your family doctor.

So how do we select a professional counselor? What credentials should we make sure they have? Can I interview the counselor before making appointment?

When selecting a counselor, it is encouraged to only select counselors with graduate training, Why? This ensures that they have the correct and necessary skills and training to diagnose and treat issues correctly. Misdiagnosing and mistreating by an untrained professional will leave you frustrated and distrustful of counselors. It is the same when you hire a contractor do home improvements. You want to know that your home is in reliable hands.

A counselor should most of all, make you feel safe. You are going to be opening up and discussing some personal issues with them. They should be easy to talk to and down to earth. A compassionate and optimistic counselor will encourage your strengths and gently help you with your weaknesses without bruising your self-esteem. It is encouraged to speak (Interview) with the counselor before any formal session is made so you can get a feeling if they are a good fit for what you want. A professional counselor will tell you how they plan on getting you to your end results, not just guide you blindly.

Finally, you must remember that there is no guarantees with counseling other than what you choose to put into it. Like any other conditioning, it will require your time, dedication, and mental will power.     When you are ready, we are here.