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What IS the "new normal"?

Posted on May 7, 2020 at 3:25 PM Comments comments (760)

Some lingering questions created by isolation have brought us to this...Have YOU cut your own hair yet? Spent your life savings on Amazon? (guilty!) Anyone want to run for the hills? Maybe move to Mexico and change their name? Covid19 got you feeling like crud? Like you're going crazy?  “Spend this time with family” they say. Pffftt...too much time with family is sometimes TOO MUCH time with family! It’s okay to not feel excited about it! It’s okay to feel aggravated with one another. I mean let’s be real, who wouldn’t?  We went from roaming this Earth how we pleased to being sheltered in place. Talk about stir crazy. That’s enough to drive anyone to the court house and beg for a divorce. This can leave us idling in neutral wondering why we are feeling depressed, anxious or both. ALL of these feelings are validated. They’re real. They’re human. And it’s okay to feel them. It’s also okay to seek help and talk about them. That’s why WE, at Beier Counseling, are here. We’re here for all of these thoughts, feelings, fears, wonders. We’re here for you. Today, tomorrow, a year from now. When you’re ready...we are here. Don’t bottle up those feelings and emotions, this IS a DIFFICULT time for us ALL. Sometimes just a friendly face is all you need to pull through. We all could use a little something extra right now. As the World  begins to open back up to a new type of normal, we’re here for you. So be kind, be positive, and remember....BCS offers four counselors to provide the best fit for you. When you’re ready...we are here. Always. #bewell



Dr. Susanne Beier, PhD., LPC, NCC

Amy Hubert, MS


Posted on March 1, 2015 at 7:35 PM Comments comments (13)

The one thing that each of us know how to do sucessfully is to tell ourselves that we are bad. We gove over and over about what we should, could, would have done in any given situation. We re-hash the moments and remind ourselves how we have failed and are not as good as everyone else. Doesn't matter if it's relationship related or work related, we are all experts at finding what we didn't do! What happens next? We are mad at ourselves and depression sets in. Why do we do that? And how can you prevent that? The first thing is to learn how to love yourself. Yes, I said, "love yourself." How can anyone else love you if you can't even stand being around yourself? Good question, huh? Well, here are some basic steps that will help to better like yourself.

  1. STOP PICKING ON YOURSELF --- Criticism never changes a thing. Refuse to second guess yourself. Accept yourself just exactly as you are. Everybody changes and when you criticize yourelf, the changes are negative. When you approve of yourself, the changes are positive.
  2. STOP SCARING YOURSELF --- Stop scaring yourself with your thoughts. It's a terrble way to live. Find a mental image that gives you pleasure (mine is floating in the ocean in the Bahamas), and immediately switch your negative thoughts to pleasure thoughts.
  3. BE GENTLE AND KIND TO YOURSELF --- Be kind to yourself ( you would be to someone else). Be patient with yourself as you train yourelf to your new way of thinking. Treat yourself as you would someone you really loved.
  4. PRAISE YOURSELF --- Praise builds up your inner spirit. Praise yourself as much as you can. Do tell yourself how well you are doing and don't second guess that praise.
  5. LOVE YOUR NEGATIVES --- What you say? Yes, acknowledge that you created these negatives to fullfill a need. Now let's find a new positive way to fulfill those needs. Release the old negative thoughts and patterns.
  6. LOOK IN THE MIRROR --- Look into the eyes of the person looking back at you. Forgive that person looking back at you in that mirror, Forgive those that you feel have hurt you. Your parents? Forgive them too.
  7. LOVE YOURSELF --- Beginning right now!! Do the best you can. It takes a few tries, but after a while you will see a subtle difference in how you view yourself and your life.

Susanne Beier, PhD., LPC, NCC, NCCC (2015)