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Dr. Susanne Beier

PhD in Human Services - Walden University

Master Degree in Counseling/Psychology - Rutgers 


Bachelors Degree I Social Sciences -Thomas Edison State 


LPC-Licensed Professional Counselor

NCC-National Certified Counselor


Certified Career Counselor

I wanted to share some of my life experiences that I bring into my practice at Beier Counseling Services.

I have had an active counseling practice for 20+ years in which I consulted to educational and corporate clients (Fortune 500 companies). I've been a teacher's aide, Special Educational teacher, school principal, an corporate manager. It's been an interesting experience where I found out that I really love teaching. My work with corporate relocation clients led to my exposure in such magazines as Cosmopolitan, Working Woman, NEW WOMAN, and SELF. For the past 12+ years I have been teaching doctoral students online and at doctoral residences. I have facilitated doctoral writing workshops.

My credentials include 20+ years of clinical counseling, being a Licensed Professional Counselor, as a Diplomat in Clinical Forensic Counseling (specialties in Forensic Assessment & Evaluation, Child Custody Evaluation, and Youthful Offender Counseling, Civil), and as a Diplomat-Senior Disability/Analyst.

"When you are ready, we are here", is not just our motto, it's our business. I want you to feel guided and encouraged throughout your counseling process. 

Why us?

Counseling in not a cookie cutter process. Beier Counseling Services offers the Personal Touch that stays with You!

Our Mission

Beier Counseling Services (BCS) is a consulting firm providing Career, Education, and Life Skills counseling in individual and group settings. These services address career, education, and personal developmental issues such as relationship choices, mid-life, and elder care. We also address PTSD, Anxiety/Depression, Grief, ADHD and custody counseling. BCS is staffed by licensed and certified practitioners, guaranteeing clients the highest quality of services addressing both individual and community needs.

Also on board with us we have Counselors:

Amanda Knickerbocker, MS

Debra Bartkowski, MS, LPN

Tony Rodio, MA

Our Office Manager:

Amy Hubert, MS